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Stonegait Winery

"Live like someone left the gate open"
15 years ago over a glass of wine, we talked about our dream of opening a winery. We loved our local wineries, the rural feel, the friendly people and of course the beautiful wines they produce. So we began our home wine making. We enjoyed making our own wines so much that I wanted to learn more about the chemistry and where everything begins. The vineyard.
I took some online classes and ended up working for one of local wineries in the vineyard and the wine processing. A few years later we planted our vineyard. Four acres of Vinifra and some hybrids. In 2015, we purchased our barn on Bates Rd in Madison. It was a full working horse farm in the 90’s. At the time of our purchase, it had been empty for a few years. Dirt floors, hay and manure in the stalls. I thought he was crazy, but Bill had a vision. He turned an abandoned property into our dream. I’m from a farming and family business background and Bill is from construction and breeding and racing horses. Thus the name Stonegait. We are continuing our history of family involved every part of the process. From vineyard to bottle!


4275 Bates Road, Madison, OH




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